The Chandler Police Department currently has two crime prevention officers and one crime prevention specialist. All have received certification for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). They are  highly trained in all areas of crime prevention including personal and senior safety, workplace violence prevention, robbery prevention, drugs, home security, and identity theft, to name a few.

The Crime Prevention Unit is here to help communities establish active Neighborhood Watch programs, assist businesses and homeowners with preventing crime, and work with the patrol officers to address neighborhood issues and facilitate problem-solving methods.

Crime Prevention Officer’s Mission

Our mission is to build a partnership between the Department and the community, to empower citizens through crime prevention education, and to promote an environment in which people act individually and collectively to prevent crime and build safer communities.

The prevention, community and educational programs that we offer are listed on separate pages.  Please click below on the links for more detailed information.

Events Calendar

For our Department Events Calendar click here.

For a list of our Crime Prevention Programs, Services and Tips click here

How Do I Contact My Precinct Crime Prevention Officer:  

  1.  First, find out what precinct you live in by clicking below on the precinct map link below.
  2. Once you find the precinct you live in hit the back arrow to return to this page then scroll down and locate your crime prevention officer.
  3. We have provided their names, phone numbers and email addresses for you to contact them.
  4. If you have any issues with not receiving a response back in a timely manner please contact us at (480) 782-4960.

Click here for a precinct map



Officer Noah Dueker #608

Main & Desert Breeze Precinct

(480) 782-4962

Officer Seth Tyler #486

Chandler Heights & Desert Breeze Precinct

(480) 782-4959