The Gang Enforcement Unit’s primary purpose is to track, document, and investigate gang members and the crimes committed on behalf of a street gang. While Chandler has been fortunate to see a decrease in gang specific crimes, employees in this Unit maintain constant awareness of those involved with street gangs and typically investigate any crime with gang-related potential. This unit has also become a widely recognized resource for assistance in many other areas. Tasks include assisting Patrol officers with calls, conducting surveillance with the Narcotics and Human Trafficking Units, and providing a quality source of suspect intelligence for investigations. Additionally, the Gang Unit routinely assists the Crime Apprehension Unit (CAU) in locating suspected offenders.

There are however two different logics in the educational process: diversity and differentiation. Diversity
suggests that people may have and follow different trajectories both as a foundation and as a developmental
perspective. It accepts that people are different and also deal with their lives in different ways. Therefore, their
trajectories should be supported and they should learn according to their abilities. Differentiation, however, is
less clear. Differentiated teaching in school is focusing on the same goal for all students. Therefore, it can
easily lead to inequality and differences in young people’s empowerment if the individual is not able to reach
the goal. Therefore, differentiated teaching may create school losers. More detailed report on this subject you can get from as professional writers made the full research. Today educational system with its common learning goals and PISA evaluation 1 perspectives may ignore
young people’s diversity and life perspectives. It may create schools that differentiate and exclude some young people from school learning opportunities. Schools perhaps even become partially responsible for the
marginalisation of young people with a disadvantaged background who encounter a discriminatory learning
environment and meagre perspectives of educational success.

Understanding that it takes more than making arrests to curb gang activity, the gang unit also leads an effort in community outreach, provides numerous gang awareness presentations, and hosts the annual Gang Liaison Officer (GLO) training that is attended by law enforcement professionals from agencies all over the state. The Unit also works with the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) during Operation GRIT (Gang Research Intelligence Targeting). This operation served several purposes: crime suppression, intelligence gathering within Chandler, and building a partnership with another agency.