Downtown Station

The Downtown Precinct station serves north and central Chandler. The precinct includes police beats 7-12.

Precinct Leadership

Jason Sieczkowski - Assistant Chief


Precinct Headquarters

250 E Chicago St
Chandler, Arizona 85225
Google Maps
(480) 782-4001

Public Hours
Sunday - Saturday 7:00am - 8:00pm. Open Holidays

The Chandler Police Department’s Downtown Precinct is supervised by Commander Jason Sieczkowski.  The precinct is organized into two districts: District Three and District Four.  District Three is composed of Beats seven through nine and District Four is made up of Beats 10 through 12.

The Downtown Station is the largest of the Department’s three facilities.  Not only does this station house all of the patrol officers and their supervisors who work in Districts Three and Four, it’s home to the Department’s Administration, Media Relations Unit, Professional Standards Section, Legal Unit, Professional Services Division, Bicycle Unit, and the Detention Services Unit.  In addition, one Crime Prevention Officer is assigned to the precinct.

The patrol officers who work Districts Three and Four are responsible for an area that is approximately 12 square miles with a population of 68,000 residents, which includes City Hall, the Chandler Magistrate Court, and the Chandler Justice Court.  This Precinct blends historical neighborhoods with the City’s first master-planned residential communities and multi-housing complexes.  The area has the largest concentration of Traditional Neighborhoods (Non-HOA), and has experienced transitional growth with the appreciation for history and the repurposing of many of its original structures.  The City’s birth took place within this Precinct’s boundaries with Chandler High School, and the San Marcos Hotel standing as reminders of Chandler’s past.

Downtown Chandler encompasses the Downtown Station Precinct with restaurants, entertainment venues, and multi-housing units.  It is home to the City’s Entertainment District and has been designated for Enhanced Municipal Services poised for increased density and sustainability.  Most of the Special Events scheduled in the city occur in the Downtown area with plans scheduled for a main event stage venue.  A.J. Chandler Park hosts a number of cultural events and festivals throughout the year.  The University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Western International University all have partnerships in this Precinct along with the Chandler/ Gilbert Community College.