In February 2015 non-emergency text messaging was implemented to expand the options in which to contact the Chandler Police Department. While many people utilize text messaging for everyday communication, it is also useful for those who have difficulty communicating traditionally on the phone such as the hearing impaired community, and those who have speech disabilities. Text messaging is also a quick and anonymous means of communication for those who do not feel comfortable or are simply unable to make a voice call.

Providing non-emergency text messaging capabilities is also preparing our department and the community for the implementation of Next Generation 911, which has the ability to provide text and video messaging to 911.

Citizens who wish to communicate with the Chandler Police Department through text message may do so by sending a message to our non-emergency number (480) 782-4130. We ask that you state the location and nature of your request and be prepared to answer any follow up questions that the call taker or dispatcher may ask. Text to non-emergency is a complement to, not a substitute for, existing voice based services. If text messaging is unavailable, citizens should make a voice call to contact the Department. Text messaging is not available for 911 at this time and it is only for the Chandler Police Department. Citizens who are experiencing an emergency must still make a voice call to 911 for assistance.