The City of Chandler is excited to announce that PM AM Corporation will begin the management of our Alarm Permit and False Alarm Management Programs. This innovative technology will allow citizens and businesses the opportunity to manage all aspects of their Alarm accounts on line. This includes registering, renewing, updating, appeals, and making payments; all on a new web based platform.

The URL to manage this is

Representatives are ready to assist you at 1-855-302-4533 or you may email

The address to mail payments has changed to:
City of Chandler False Alarm Reduction Program
P.O. Box 142435
Irving, TX 75014

As a reminder, pursuant to City of Chandler Code, Chapter 24 – Alarm System Regulations, all alarm users must obtain an alarm permit from the Chandler Police Department. To obtain a permit, please use the contact information above to register and submit the $10.00 fee to the City of Chandler False Alarm Reduction Program. Alarm users over the age of sixty-five (65) may receive a fee waiver. Permits must be renewed annually.

A note from our new associate:

PM AM looks forward to partnering with the City of Chandler and assisting the citizens and businesses with all of their alarm needs. PM AM has been in the business for 17 years, leveraging best practices for 135 cities utilizing our False Alarm Management System (FAMS) platform. We offer the most comprehensive, service-oriented, technology-driven solution for alarm administration and collection services. We are the established leader in this industry and have helped municipal and City jurisdictions achieve:

  1. Remarkable reduction in the number of false alarm calls
  2. Robust cost recovery program realized by the City’s alarm program
  3. Robust and accessible service framework for the City and its citizens
  4. The ability to leverage new technology and processes to reach program goals

PM AM accomplishes these goals because we remain committed to continuous innovation; ours is a journey that started with a 100% web-based alarm management solution in 2004 leading to our latest launch of mobile apps (FAMS-ALARM) and Artificial Intelligence based algorithms. Our history and intent is to keep investing significant dollars on a continuous basis for the benefit of our existing clients.
PM AM serves a universe of 450 plus municipalities and assisting cities and counties with more than 100 alarm ordinances, drafts, revisions, updates and alarm policy changes.


Residential or Business Alarm Permit$10.00 Annual Fee
Fees not paid within 30 days$25.00 Reinstatement Fee
Permitted System1stNo Charge
2ndNo Charge
3rd and each subsequent$85.00
Non-Permitted System1stNo Charge
2nd and each subsequent$85.00