Neighborhood Watch is…                                                                                                                                                                               Neighborhood Watch 1

  • Becoming acquainted with your neighbors.
  • Working together to solve neighborhood concerns.
  • Helping the police by raising awareness and reporting any unusual activities as they occur. (You know best what “normal” activity in your neighborhood is.)
  • Learning to minimize potential risks by making safe choices (i.e. utilizing locks, lighting, etc.) to prevent crime in your neighborhood.
  • Reporting suspicious persons.
  • Looking out for your neighbors.

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Responsibilities for Neighborhood Watch Captain and Co-Captains

  • Serve as a liaison between your active Neighborhood Watch members and law enforcement.
  • Recruit new Neighborhood Watch members to reach 100 percent participation in your neighborhood.
  • Maintain the Member List.
  • Distribute Neighborhood Watch materials and information to members in a timely manner.
  • Notify members of Neighborhood Watch meetings, meetings will be held at a minimum twice annually, usually in the form of a community event or outing.
  • Encourage members to call  or text the non-emergency line at 480-782-4130 or 911 prior to contacting you to report unusual or suspicious activities.
  • Captains and Co-Captains can keep an activity log or have members post on Nextdoor or a community website.

Participant Responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings and get acquainted with neighbors.
  • Keep your Member List in an easily accessible location.
  • Make your home as burglar-resistant as possible.

Daily Tips:

  • Be observant. Report suspicious activities to 911, non-emergency line at 480-782-4130 and Neighborhood Watch Captain.
  • Educate children about crime prevention. Stress the importance of 911 and helping law enforcement.
  • Do not confront suspicious individuals. Call 911.


Member List

  • Provides immediate contact information in the event of suspicious activities, crime trends and information sharing products with the police department.

Neighborhood Watch Signs

  • Warns potential thieves of law enforcement partnership with residents.
  • Placed at entrances and inside the neighborhood.
  • Signs an be purchased from the crime prevention unit for $22.62 each. Contact the crime prevention specialist.


Information and Safety Suggestions:


Neighborhood Watch Forms:

NW Brochure

NW Leader Booklet



*More forms coming soon. Thank you for your patience*
updated: 10/02/2023


How to organize a Neighborhood Watch

  • You can take an active role in your community by forming a Neighborhood Watch.
  • You and your neighbors can stay safe by looking out for one another.


  1. Step 1: Contact your neighbors to see if they are interested in participating. Use the NW Notification form. (50 % participation is required to start)
  2. Step 2: Identify the neighborhood boundaries for your watch program
  3. Step 3: Plan and coordinate a one hour meeting. Preferably during the week and in the evening. Use the NW Attendance form at your meeting.
  4. Step 4:  Click on the link to see  which precinct you live in.  Click here for a precinct map.
  5. Step 5:  Contact via phone or email your precinct Crime Prevention Officer listed below or call 480-782-4962.


Neighborhood Watch