Manager Alicia Rosenberg

As the Forensic Services Manager, Alicia Rosenberg oversees the Chandler Police Department forensic services which includes the Crime Scene Unit and the Forensic Analysis Unit. The Forensic Services Section is an accredited laboratory that provides forensic analysis in the areas of crime scene, blood alcohol analysis, controlled substances, ten-print fingerprints, and latent prints.

Alicia Rosenberg began her career in Forensics in 2002 with the Arizona Department of Public Safety as a Criminalist. In 2007, Alicia transitioned to Chandler Police Department as a Criminalist, where she analyzed blood for alcohol content and suspected controlled substances. In 2010, Alicia was promoted to Supervising Forensic Scientist and was responsible for leading the Forensic Analysis Unit which includes blood alcohol, controlled substances, and latent print analysis before promoting to the Forensic Services Manager position in 2022.

Alicia earned a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from Arizona State University and a Master of Administration with an emphasis in Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Alicia is a member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) and currently serves on the Nominations and Awards committee and the Advocacy committee as the point of contact for Arizona and New Mexico.

Some of Alicia’s professional accomplishments include helping the Forensic Services Section earn and maintain international accreditation and participating in Project FORESIGHT which brings a business approach to Forensic Services. Alicia strives to encourage a culture of continuous improvement and customer service as the Forensic Services Section grows.