If you need to report trespassers that are currently on your property, call or text the non-emergency number at 480-782-4130.


What is the Trespass Enforcement Program (TEP):

The Trespass Enforcement Program (TEP) was created specifically for businesses to help with incidents of trespassing and loitering during non-business hours. Registering your property with the Chandler Police Department TEP allows officers to trespass an individual from your property, who does not have legitimate reason to be there when the business is closed, without contacting the business owner or property manager first.  The only requirements are a current and original Trespass Enforcement Request on file with the police department and No Trespassing signs posted on the property as outlined in the agreement. The “No Trespassing” signs, with the ARS code printed on them, must be posted in highly visible locations on the property.


TEP Intent:

  • Provide a standardized form for participants, Chandler PD, prosecutors, and court staff.
  • TEP is intended for businesses, HOA common areas, apartment community common areas (other than C3 Program participants), vacant lots, and vacant homes.
  • TEP is NOT intended for occupied residences.


No Trespassing Sign Standards:


  • Sign
    • The City of Chandler does not supply No Trespassing Signs to the public.
    • Property owners may purchase signs online , from a home improvement retail store, or from a sign shop.
    • Must be constructed of metal.
    • It is recommended the sign be at least 18 inches by 24 inches and in English and Spanish or you can purchase and post English and Spanish separately.


  • Placement
    • On private property only.
    • Prohibited in the right of way and on city property (such as light poles).
    • Owner or responsible party must install signs at all common or reasonable entrances to the property.
    • It is recommended that all signs be installed with permanent screws to prevent easy removal and placed high enough on a building wall or fence from ground level to discourage removal or graffiti.
    • Signs shall be placed in a manner that does not create a traffic hazard; or obstruct a public or private sidewalk, trail, or pedestrian walkway.


To register, complete the Trespass Enforcement Request below and mail the original, completed and signed form to:

Chandler Police Department

C/O Crime Prevention Specialist/ MS 303S

PO Box 4008

Chandler, AZ 85244

We cannot accept images or faxes of this document. Scans that are PDF files are acceptable and can be sent to blanca.quezada@chandleraz.gov.


Trespass Enforcement Request Form


Questions:  Please contact the Crime Prevention Specialist, Blanca Quezada at blanca.quezada@chandleraz.gov or call 480-782-4960 for further assistance.


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