Professional Services Division

  The Professional Services Division is under the direction of Assistant Chief Melissa Deanda and is organized into the following Sections:   Communications Section:   Real-Time Communications:   Professional Standards: Hiring Internal Affairs   Operational Services: Fleet Operation Specialists Volunteers   … Continued

Communications Section

The Chandler Police Department’s Communications Section provides emergency and non-emergency police services to the public and supports other departments in the city by providing radio and computer aided communications. The Communications Section consists of eight call takers, 29 dispatchers, and … Continued

Criminal Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Bureau has sections including Person Crimes, Property Crimes and Special Investigations Sections, with individual units corresponding with each section. The Bureau is under the direction of Commander Scott Veach. Persons Investigations Section The Persons Investigations Section is made … Continued

Forensic Services Section

The Chandler Police Department Forensic Services Section is an internationally accredited forensic testing laboratory accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The Forensic Services Section provides service to our customers to aid in the successful disposition of all investigations … Continued

Information & Technology Section

Under the direction of Manager Donny Witt, this section is responsible for providing support in the two core areas of Information & Technology. Information The Data, Analysis, and Reporting Team are generally responsible for providing administrative information and analysis to … Continued

Support Services Section

The Support Services Section includes the Records Unit and Property & Evidence Unit. This Section is under the direction of Manager Doug Reed.  The following explains some of job functions of these units.   Records Unit The Records Unit is … Continued

Persons Crimes Section

As the title indicates, the Persons Investigations Section involves crimes that relate to people. The following gives a brief overview of those units. Computer Crimes Unit In the computer forensic area, detectives complete forensic computer examinations by utilizing specialized computers … Continued

Property Crimes Section

The Property Investigations Section investigates property related crimes with further detail about the units outlined below. Property Crimes Unit The Property Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation of crimes against property such as burglary, theft, criminal damage, arson, vehicle … Continued

Special Investigations Section

The Special Investigations Section investigates any other type of crime that is not included in person or property crimes. This section includes the following units, Criminal Intelligence, Gang and Narcotics/VICE. Criminal Intelligence Unit The Criminal Intelligence Unit is responsible for … Continued