Special Investigations Section

The Special Investigations Section investigates any other type of crime that is not included in person or property crimes. This section includes the following units, Criminal Intelligence, Gang and Narcotics/VICE.

Criminal Intelligence Unit

The Criminal Intelligence Unit is responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating information on criminal activity and the persons who are responsible for criminal activity. The goal of the unit is to provide information to all officers and detectives that will help them in their endeavors to solve crime. The unit is committed to assist and support all officers of the department with their criminal investigations.

Gang Unit

The Gang Unit uses a four-tiered approach to dealing with gangs which include Intelligence, Enforcement and Suppression, Prevention and Education and Community Partnerships. The first tier deals with gathering intelligence information on gang members and their associates. The second tier actively enforces any criminal violations committed by gang members and associate members and suppressing the illegal activity. The Prevention and Education component incorporates the Gang Unit be providing educational classes to community organizations, groups, citizens, and schools. The fourth level focuses on the social services aspect where the Chandler Police Department builds partnerships with community organizations that provide, fund, and support prevention and education programs available to our youth.

Narcotics/Vice Unit

The Narcotics/Vice Unit investigates crimes involving dangerous drugs, illegal narcotics and marijuana distribution and usage and all related intelligence.

  • Anonymous Tips Line: 480-782-4440
  • Potential Drug Activity: 480-782-4440

Special Assignment Unit

The Special Assignment Unit (SAU) is specially trained for and will be utilized in exceptional instances when other than standard police procedures and weapons are required or during unusual occurrences when a significant field force or police presence is warranted.  When called upon, SAU has the responsibility of responding to a critical incident and assisting the requesting component/agency in its resolution while adhering to a philosophy that every decision is predicated on the preservation of human life and constitutes the first priority in devising any strategy.