Communications Section

dispatch 1The Chandler Police Department’s Communications Section provides emergency and non-emergency police services to the public and supports other departments in the city by providing radio and computer aided communications. The Communications Section consists of eight call takers, 29 dispatchers, and six shift supervisors who answer incoming 911 and non-emergency phone calls and texts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The Communications Section is under the direction of Manager Michelle Potts.

The Communications Section continues to develop the resources necessary to obtain cutting edge technology. The communications center is furnished with 12 consoles, which are equipped with state of the art computer programming and mapping features.  These tools allow the operator access to an overview of the City at all times.  In addition to the technology utilized, dispatchers and emergency call takers receive extensive training that allows rapid dispatches decreasing response times to an emergency.

Chandler is a member of the Arizona Regional Wireless Cooperative, one of the largest public safety radio systems in the country. This state of the art digital radio system provides expanded coverage for officers and greatly enhances the Department’s ability to communicate with surrounding agencies.  The Section also manages the Department’s Barking Dog Hotline and CENS (Reverse 911).

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