Crime Prevention Officers

The Chandler Police Department currently has 2 crime prevention officers and 1 crime prevention specialist who have all received certification for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). They are also highly trained in all areas of crime prevention, including personal … Continued

Field Training Unit

Field Training Officers (FTOs) are uniformed officers who, in addition to their regular patrol duties, train and evaluate new recruits who have been certified by the Arizona Police Officer Standards and Training Board. The FTOs train these officers in day-to-day skills … Continued

Operational Support Bureau

The Operational Support Bureau is comprised of the Community Resources Section and the Special Operations Section.  All of the units in the Operational Support Bureau support our Field Operations Division and Criminal Investigations Bureau.  For a list of the units … Continued

Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division encompasses all of the duties that take place out in the field by uniformed officers, who function in a first responder capacity as well as the training needs of all Department employees.  This Division is under … Continued

Media Relations Unit

The Media Relations Unit works under the direction of the Office of the Chief and facilitates the flow of information to the community, and monitors social media platforms. The unit promotes positive awareness of the Chandler Police Department to both … Continued

Planning and Research Section

The Planning and Research Section is responsible for several functions divided among the Planning & Research Unit and the Crime Analysis & Research Unit. These functions provide administrative, strategic and tactical information essential to the accomplishment of the department’s mission.  This Section is … Continued

Professional Services Division

The Professional Services Division includes the Criminal Investigations Bureau, Operational Support Bureau, Support Services Section, Forensic Services Section, Communications Section, Planning & Research Section and Technology Section.  This Division is under the direction of Assistant Chief Bryan Cox, and is organized into … Continued

Community Resources Section

The Community Resources Section includes the following units: Volunteer Coordinator (VIP’s and Motorist Assists) School Resource Unit (SRO’s) Detention Unit Community Resources Unit which includes: Park Ranger Unit Police Reserve Officers Progarm Police Cadet Youth Program Police Civilian Housing Investigative … Continued