Persons Crimes Section

As the title indicates, the Persons Investigations Section involves crimes that relate to people. The following gives a brief overview of those units.

Computer Crimes Unit

In the computer forensic area, detectives complete forensic computer examinations by utilizing specialized computers and software to examine computers and components in an attempt to identify and seize evidence. The unit is also responsible for investigating Internet-related crimes and illegal pornography on the Internet.

Family Crimes Unit

The Family Crimes Unit investigates any family related crime such as domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, and runaway juveniles. Detectives in this unit receive special training on how to interview children and stay current on domestic violence issues. They also work hand in hand with the sex crimes unit when dealing with child crimes.

The Family Crimes Unit enables the victims and their families to receive a variety of services.

Sex Crimes Unit

The responsibilities of this unit are to investigate sexually motivated crimes against adults and children. The Sex Crimes Unit is also responsible for the Sex Offender Notification Program that keeps the citizens of Chandler aware of sex offenders residing in their neighborhood. Detectives receive specialized training in areas such as interview and interrogation, crime scene management, injury interpretation and search and seizure. Members of the Sex Crimes Unit work hand-in-hand with the Robbery/Homicide Unit and are cross-trained in the investigation of homicides, robberies, death investigations and aggravated assaults.

Robbery/Homicide Unit

The responsibilities of this unit are to investigate major crimes against persons to include, robbery, homicide, suspicious deaths, domestic violence (repeat offenders) and aggravated assaults. Robbery/Homicide detectives are able to follow leads on a case and use many different resources during their investigations including computer databases, other law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, federal agencies, and voice stress analysis and surveillance.

Victim Services Unit

The Chandler Police and Fire Departments work in unison to provide crime victims with a continuum of support from the crisis period through the investigative and judicial processes. Chandler Fire Department utilizes their Crisis Response Team, or CR288, to assist persons with practical or emotional needs following traumatic events. Once CR288 has assisted on-scene, the Victim Services Unit continues to support crime victims through the investigative process and criminal justice system. It is the goal of the Chandler Victim Services Unit to enhance the treatment of victims and survivors of criminal acts by providing them with services that can assist them in recovery as quickly and fully as possible.