Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division encompasses all of the duties that take place out in the field by uniformed officers, who function in a first responder capacity as well as the training needs of all Department employees.  This Division is under the direction of Assistant Chief Dave Ramer, and is organized into three Precincts:

The Operational Support Bureau also falls under this Division.

A uniformed police officer is the most recognizable image of law enforcement in America, and is the backbone of any police department.  Patrol Officers work a specific geographic section (Beat) over a fixed time-frame during specific days (Shift).  This holds true in Chandler with a force of 149 patrol officers, and their supervisors, assigned to 18 beats, ensuring peace and order in Chandler over a 24-hour period, seven days a week.  In addition we have one Field Training Officer Team, which is assigned to training all new officers to our department.

The Department utilizes uniformed specialty Units that work hand in hand with the patrol officers. Each Precinct is assigned a minimum of one uniformed specialty Unit and is under the direction of a Commander.  The Precinct Commander oversees one Crime Prevention Officer along with the sworn and administrative personnel assigned to his respective Precinct.