The Role of Preparedness

Preparedness plays a huge role in community safety and prevention. By preparing for certain situations, you can mitigate potential risks. By being aware of your surroundings and reporting suspicious behavior, you have already equipped yourself with a foundation for community preparedness.

The Chandler Police Department encourages you to become prepared. There are many resources available to better prepare you and your family. Events such as the terrorist attacks of September 11th and the devastating destruction from Hurricane Katrina give us ample reason to prepare for such unimaginable situations. Please visit the links below to become familiar with not only the “8 Signs of Terrorism,” but also how to create an emergency plan and kit for your vehicle, school, work and home. By becoming familiar with the information contained in the links below, you are becoming better prepared to handle a minor emergency or even a catastrophic event. Please visit the links to find out additional information about terrorism threats and preparedness information.

Useful Links

8 Signs of Terrorism
Arizona Emergency Information Network
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Corporation for National and Community Service
Citizen Corps
Emergency Preparedness