The Chandler Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit offers free Child ID/Fingerprinting for children over 3 years of age throughout the year.  Using the latest technology, parents receive a laminated ID card with their child’s information as well as a CD which stores digital fingerprints, photographs and voice recognition files.  Individuals desiring to attend MUST register – appointment times fill up fast.  For registration and technology information on our system see below.


None at this time.  Please check back every few weeks as we will be scheduling new clinics and adding them to our website.  We also will put out updates on the Chandler Police Department’s Facebook  page so please like us.

EZ-Child ID Printout                    Ez Child ID

The EZ Child ID system produces a child ID card and child ID CD.  In addition, it records a digital video with voice, and it is saved in digital avi format.  The EZ Child ID Software form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the universal PDF format. The parent not only receives a printed EZ Child ID card and the EZ Child ID form, but they also get a CD with all the information on it.  To help protect from identity theft, the EZ Child ID Software Kit was written so that no information of the child is saved on the computer.  Once you start over, all of the information is erased off the EZ Child ID system.  The parent is the only person who retains the data and the child ID card.  This is the NEW STANDARD in child identification programs!  Also, the Chandler Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit administers this program and there is no cost to the parents or child.  It’s FREE!

Note:  (Ages 3+ ONLY please) and it takes approx. 10 minutes per child.

In order to set up a Child Fingerprinting event please contact your precinct Crime Prevention Specialist.