For those who wish to reserve the Community Room at the Downtown Precinct, please review the following policy and submit a request via the form below.



Chandler Police Department

Community Room Policy


In keeping with the City of Chandler service priorities, the Police Department have available to Chandler residents the use of our community room for informational, educational, or cultural meetings and programs.   Due to the nature of our business the use of the room for parties, memorials, or celebratory gatherings would be disruptive and will not be approved.  Unlike the various meeting rooms available throughout the City of Chandler, the Police Department reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time for immediate, unforeseen Police or City of Chandler use.  Use of the room does not imply endorsement by the Police Department of the viewpoints presented.

Please review the Community Room Policy guidelines, rules, and regulations. These policies are deemed reasonably necessary to preserve and protect the Police facility and the department in general from physical damage or abuse, and to protect the health and safety of persons using the facility and members of the general public.

Section I.  Facility use Priority

  1. Chandler Police Department
  2. Police boards or commissions
  3. City of Chandler
  4. General Public

Section II.  Facility General Use

  1. The Community room is available Monday-Friday 5PM-9PM and Saturday-Sunday 8AM-8PM. Please allow 15 minutes to return the room to its original classroom configuration before the end of your booking.
  2. The room is set up classroom style with 24 tables and 48 chairs Maximum occupancy is 90.  The room must be returned to classroom style at the end of your booking.
  3. Use of the room DOES NOT INCLUDE AUDIO, VISUAL, WHITE BOARD, CORDS, EASELS, MICROPHONES, PODIUMS, and CARTS OR DOLLIES. We do not provide copies, scanning, or writing supplies.
  4. Chandler Police department is on a secure network and we do not permit external drives to access the network. Restricted WIFI is available by searching and using Chandler_Guest. Please be advised the network is monitored by Police personnel.
  5. Food and drink, other than bottled water, are not allowed. No exceptions.
  6. Smoking and use of tobacco products are not allowed.
  7. Staff is not available for setup, clean up, tear down, or technical assistance. The door will be unlocked at the time of your reservation.
  8. Per City of Chandler policy, fundraising or the exchange of money on Police premises is prohibited. Citizens are prohibited from charging attendees for participation in Police facilities.
  9. The responsible party on the reservation application assumes all liability for any and all damage sustained to the building, premise, or contents thereof. Cleaning required or damage incurred, during the use of the facility will result in the responsible party being billed for repairs.
  10. No signs shall be posted upon the premise. Nails, hooks, adhesive fasteners, tape, tacks, or screws will not be installed on any part of the building or premise.
  11. The applicant/responsible party shall not use the name “City of Chandler” or “Chandler Police Department” for any purpose in connection with the use of the facility, for publicity or otherwise, except to identify the location of the event. Use of the name “City of Chandler or “Chandler Police Department” or any form therein shall be grounds for denial/revocation of facility use.

Section III.  Scheduling

Reservations are subject to cancellation with little or no notice based on Police action and need.

Police Administration limits the number of times a citizen, group, or organization may book the facility during any given month. To provide fair access to room scheduling, no standing bookings are permitted.  Reservations are booked on a month to month basis. For example, any reservations for the month of February must be made in January or February, not earlier.

Booking Criteria

  1. The Community room is available Monday-Friday 5PM-9PM. Saturday-Sunday 8AM-8PM allow 15 minutes to return the room to its original configuration before the end of your booking.
  2. The room is available for City of Chandler residents and Chandler based businesses. Residency is verified through water billing and tax licensing.  Requestors MUST be a current Chandler resident/business in good standing and apply online at
  3. The application form shall include the name of the person, group, or organization seeking to use the facility and shall include the name, street address and telephone number of the person liable for the use of the facility if the application is approved. This person MUST be present for the duration of the reservation. The application shall also contain a general description of the activities to be conducted and the number of persons expected to attend.
  4. Reservations are on a month to month basis.
  5. The application shall also contain such additional information as is required to insure that the facility or other Police property will not be exposed to damage by the requested use.
  6. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis, following the priority list outlined above and event approval.
  7. No one will be allowed to enter the community room prior to the reservation time.
  8. Room use ends 15 minutes before 9PM (M-F) and 8PM (S-S)
  9. Reservations are permitted for no more than two consecutive days in any month.
  10. Reservations are taken for 1 month in advance of the scheduled activity and are subject to same day cancellation based on department need.
  11. Rooms are provided for room use only and do not include use of City electronics and equipment. No technical assistance is required or available

Section IV.  Denial

  1. Reasons for denial include, but are not limited to:
    • The proposed use or actual use would constitute an unreasonable risk to the health and safety of persons, or of damages to the facility, or any Police premises.
    • The applicant does not meet the residency or business requirements.
    • The applicant has failed to comply with the stated rules and regulations.
    • The applicant has failed to comply with the stated rules and regulations in connection with a previous usage.


Community Room Reservation

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The Community room is available Monday-Friday 5PM-9PM. Saturday-Sunday 8AM-8PM. Allow 15 minutes to return the room to its original configuration before the end of your booking.
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