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What is the C3 multi-family housing program for apartments and mobile home parks?

The Chandler Police Department C3 Program is a multi-family housing and MHP’s program.  The Chandler Police Department will foster opportunities for education, communication, and partnerships, and will provide resources to the management teams and tenants of multifamily housing properties and mobile home parks, resulting in stronger bonds and a resilient community with a greater quality of life.

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C3 Program Goals:

Tenant: Quality of life

Management: Increase population density and improve the quality and longevity of clients.

Law Enforcement: Reduce calls for service, increase the safety of people and property, and improve citizen and law enforcement relationships.

Overall Benefits:

  • Convenient training program (online)
  • Daily activity reports
  • CPTED Requirements made affordable
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Stabilize tenant occupancy
  • Reduced maintenance and turnover costs
  • Improved property reputation and value
  • Safer living environment
  • Improved quality of life
  • Public recognition for participating communities (chandlerpd.com)
  • Reduce calls for service and police resources
  • Improved teamwork and communication with community management, tenants, and police department
  • Graduated participation levels

There are three tiers to the C3 program which are listed below:

Basic Level I

  • Online Training for Owner/Manager
  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Trespass Enforcement Program
  • Trespass Signs
  • Annual Crime Free Lease Addendum Inspection
  • Landscaping to the 2’/6′ Rule
  • Criminal Background Checks – STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

Intermediate Level 2

  • Online training for:
    • Assistant Manager(s)
    • Maintenance Supervisor
    • Leasing Agents
    • Maintenance Staff
  • Basic CPTED Requirements
    • Deadbolts with 1″ Throw
    • 3″ Strike Plate Screws
    • Window and Sliding Door Locks
  • Bi-Annual Property Inspection
  • Quarterly Publication or Website
  • Annual Community Social/Training Event

Advanced Level 3

  • Meeting Remainder of CPTED Requirements
  • Uniform Lighting Table
  • Solid Core Doors
  • 180 Degree Eye Viewer
  • Legible Apartment/Building Numbers
  • Illuminated Directory at Entrances

***The C3 Program also offers three levels of participation for Moblie Home Parks (MHPs).


Participating Complexes as of October 2023 

Participating Multi-Housing

Here is a list of forms to include our C3 Handbook for your use:

C3 multi-family housing Lease Addendum – The addendum is a legal agreement between the resident and apartment community to keep illegal activity off the property. It states tenants or their guests will not engage in illegal activity on the premises, including–but not limited to–drug activity. In the event a resident or a guest of the resident violates the addendum, the law allows the property manager to serve the resident with a 24-hour eviction notice.


For more information click on the link to see, see which precinct you live in and contact your Crime Prevention Officer.  Click here for a precinct map.

Next, contact via phone or email your precinct Crime Prevention Officer or the Crime Prevention Specialist listed below: