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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is TheftAZ? It is a Web site for use by citizens to check if a vehicle has been reported as stolen. It is especially valuable when an unfamiliar vehicle is parked in a neighborhood or business parking lot for an extended time. From the Web site, simply enter the license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and submit as directed. If the response states that the vehicle has been reported stolen, you will be provided with contact information for the police agency that has jurisdiction. It is important that you call the police to handle the vehicle in question — do not take action on your own.
  2. What is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)? Every vehicle has a unique 17-digit number to identify it. Since 1980, that number is on a plate attached to the lower dash on the driver’s side. The most accurate way to check a stolen vehicle is with the VIN. License plates can be easily switched.
  3. Are stolen license plates in the database? License plates stolen from vehicles are not in the database at this time. The most accurate way to check a vehicle’s status is to enter the 17-digit VIN number.
  4. What if my stolen vehicle is not in your database? We receive data from the same computer system that police agencies use. We don’t add or delete information. If your vehicle was stolen and DOES NOT show up in our system, contact the police agency that you originally reported it to.
  5. Does TheftAZ give information about stolen cars in other states? At this time, TheftAZ provides information only about cars that are stolen in Arizona. If the vehicle in question has license plates from another state but was reported stolen by an Arizona police agency, it will be in the database.
  6. Why can’t I get more information about the stolen vehicle such as the make, model or color? Arizona public records laws only allow us to give responses regarding the vehicle’s status.
  7. Are ATV’s, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Snowmobiles or Trailers included in TheftAZ? Yes. All vehicles in the above categories are included in TheftAZ.