Traffic Unit Receives DUI Abatement Grant

The DUI Abatement Council has awarded a $45,000 grant to the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Unit to fund the Know Your Limit educational awareness campaign.  Know Your Limit is a non-enforcement campaign designed to educate the public on the effects alcohol has on an individual’s blood alcohol level.  This campaign is offered throughout the year at City sponsored events.

The goal of Know Your Limit is to inform participants who have consumed alcohol of their alcohol level prior to them operating a vehicle.  Participants voluntarily blow into a Preliminary Breath Tester (PBT) to determine the alcohol level in their system.  After utilizing the PBT, participants are provided with information about the consequences of being convicted of driving under the influence.

Officers working under this grant are specially trained in the detection of roadway impairment due to excessive alcohol consumption and use of illicit or excessive prescription drugs.  The goal of the Campaign is to remove impaired drivers from the road before the damaging, and often tragic, consequences that result from the poor decision to operate a vehicle under the influence.

Please remember to always wear your seatbelt and to designate a driver when alcohol consumption is a part of your celebration.