Scam Alert Involving City of Chandler Utility Services

An unknown individual has contacted a small number of City of Chandler utility customers in an attempt to defraud through misrepresentation.  To date, two City utility customers contacted the City of Chandler’s Utility Services Division to advise a man contacted them via telephone to advise they were past due on their City of Chandler utility bill.  Using the name Sam Wilson, the individual attempted to retrieve a credit card number from the customer, in order to collect payment over the phone.  Neither customer provided this information.

This is a scam.  The City of Chandler Utility Services does not contact customers who are past due on their payment via telephone, except in rare circumstances.  In these rare events, when a bill is five months or more past due, Utility Services will make a courtesy phone call and would never ask for payment over the phone.

If you receive a similar phone call, hang up and contact the Chandler Police Department at (480) 782-4130 to report this incident.