Tips to Prevent Vehicle Burglaries

The Chandler Police Department would like to remind the public to secure unattended vehicles.  In many cases, a vehicle burglary is a crime of opportunity.  Do not allow yourself to become a victim!

If you must leave your vehicle parked in a driveway or on the street, make sure your vehicle is locked.  Criminals will often walk down neighborhood streets at night and check doors on vehicles.  Do not leave any valuables inside your vehicle.  If this is unavoidable, keep the valuables out of sight.

Utilize some type of anti-theft device on your vehicle.  Any deterrent you can place on your vehicle to make it less of a target for thieves is advantageous.  Park your vehicle in a well lit area and away from overgrown shrubbery, or any other large items that would allow a crook to hide.

The best defense against becoming a victim of a vehicle burglary is to secure your vehicle inside a garage.