Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

The start of this year’s holiday shopping season is just a few days away.  While this time of year is for celebrating all of the blessings in our lives, the hectic pace and deadlines add stress as well.  With this comes a lack of focus, and the results can lead to victimization or tragedy. 

When you’re out shopping this year, remember to conceal any items of value in your vehicle.  Remember where you parked and which door or store entrance you utilized when shopping at a mall.  Park your vehicle in a well-lit area and, whenever possible, avoiding shopping alone. 

Be aware of your surroundings in the parking lot and while you’re shopping.  Avoid looking down at your cellular phone when you should be watching for potential dangers around you.  Try not to become overloaded with shopping bags – this can make you an easy target for would-be thieves. 

Avoid confrontations with other shoppers or drivers.  Defensive driving and roadway courtesy can prevent a collision or road rage incident.  If you do encounter an aggressive or hostile driver, avoid the conflict, leave the area, and contact the police. 

And please remember to always wear your seatbelt and to designate a driver when alcohol consumption is a part of your holiday celebration. 

For further information, contact Detective Seth Tyler.