Claiming Your Property:

If you know that the Chandler Police Department is in possession of your property, contact the Property and Evidence Unit by calling 480-782-4065.  Have your report number available for quick service.

If you are not sure we have your lost or stolen item, we might. Sometimes we have items without an identified owner, or we know the owner’s name but do not have contact information.  Found items and recovered-stolen property often fall into this category.  If this describes you and your property, please check the list below or give us a call.  (Keep in mind that the list only contains items with an estimated value of more than $150.00.)  If you find an item on the list that you believe is yours, call Property and Evidence at 480-782-4065.  Please have the item number from the list available to give to the Property Technician.

You may be required to provide proof of ownership, or information that indicates probability of ownership, to claim the property.

Property is only available to be claimed for a limited time.  Items not picked up within 30 days of their initial availability will be given to the finder, auctioned, or destroyed in accordance with the law.

Don’t wait to claim your property!

Item Description

Item Number

iPhone CH150123-002
gun magazine CH164952-002
live round CH193392-001
live round CH193392-004
handgun CH182647-002
handgun CH183039-007
handgun CH193392-002
handgun CH209428-001
BMW key CH208705-001
gun holster CH204601-002
iPhone CH204990-001
iPhone CH204990-002
iPhone CH205074-001
wallet CH205219-002
iPhone CH205936-001
Samsung phone CH207031-001
iPhone CH207166-001
gun magazine CH209428-002
gun holster CH209428-003
9mm rounds CH209428-004
live round CH209544-003
shotgun magazine CH203494-002
Kia keys CH182593-010
gun magazine CH193392-003
gun magazine CH209544-002
live rounds CH182647-003
gun magazine CH183039-008
shotgun rounds CH203494-003
live round CH183039-009
rifle CH164952-001
handgun CH132946-001
gun magzine CH132946-002
handgun CH176924-001
shotgun CH203494-001
handgun CH206364-001
shotgun CH210062-001
handgun CH204601-001
magazine CH204601-003
handgun CH205695-001
gun magazine CH205695-002
handgun CH206331-001
gun magazine CH206331-003
handgun CH206364-002
handgun CH206705-001
handgun CH209544-001
gun case CH210062-002
car key CH183360-002
Chrysler car CH183360-001
Kia car CH182593-009
foreign currency CH172843-003
gem stones CH82797-019
gem stones CH82797-020
cash between $500 and $1000 CH205219-001
cash between $500 and $1000 CH23-124222-002
live round CH176924-002
gun magazine CH176924-003
gun magazine CH176924-004
gun magazine CH176924-005
gun magazine CH176924-006
gun magazine CH176924-007
gun magazine CH176924-008
gun magazine CH176924-009
live rounds CH176924-010
live rounds CH176924-011
gun case CH176924-012
live rounds CH176924-013
live rounds CH176924-014

Click HERE for a map to the Chandler Police Property Building.