Claiming Your Property:

If you know that the Chandler Police Department is in possession of your property, call the Property and Evidence Unit at 480-782-4065.  Having your report number available will help us serve you more quickly.

If you are not sure if we have your items but think we might, we sometimes have items without an identified owner, or we know the owner’s name but do not have contact information.  This is often found property or recovered stolen items.  If that describes you and your property, please check the list below.  (Keep in mind that the list only contains items with an estimated value of more than $150.00.)  If you find an item that you believe is yours, call Property and Evidence at 480-782-4065.  Please have the item number from the list available to give to the Property Technician.  You may be required to provide proof of ownership or information that indicates probability of ownership to claim the property.

Items are available for release for 30 days.  After 30 days, items will be given to the finder, auctioned, or destroyed in accordance with the law.

Don’t wait to claim your property!

Item Description Item Number Date Posted
cash between $500 and $1000 CH165516-1 12/16/2021
golf cart CH166320-1 12/16/2021
cash between $2000 and $4000 CH166803-3 12/16/2021
airsoft gun CH167720-1 12/16/2021
mobile phone CH168788-1 12/16/2021
food mixer – new CH162125-1 12/16/2021
food mixer – new CH162125-2 12/16/2021
refrigerator – new CH162125-3 12/16/2021
shotgun CH170113-5 12/16/2021


Click HERE for a map to the Chandler Police Property Building.