Claiming Your Property:

If you know that the Chandler Police Department is in possession of your property, contact the Property and Evidence Unit by calling 480-782-4065.  Have your report number available for quick service.

If you are not sure we have your lost or stolen item, we might. Sometimes we have items without an identified owner, or we know the owner’s name but do not have contact information.  Found items and recovered-stolen property often fall into this category.  If this describes you and your property, please check the list below or give us a call.  (Keep in mind that the list only contains items with an estimated value of more than $150.00.)  If you find an item on the list that you believe is yours, call Property and Evidence at 480-782-4065.  Please have the item number from the list available to give to the Property Technician.

You may be required to provide proof of ownership, or information that indicates probability of ownership, to claim the property.

Property is only available to be claimed for a limited time.  Items not picked up within 30 days of their initial availability will be given to the finder, auctioned, or destroyed in accordance with the law.

Don’t wait to claim your property!


Item # Item Description
CH178662-003 bicycle
CH178251-001 computer item
CH178988-001 cruiser bicycle
CH154463-003 gun ammunition
CH179058-003 gun ammunition
CH180239-002 gun ammunition
CH154463-002 gun magazine
CH179058-002 gun magazine
CH180239-003 gun magazine
CH154463-001 handgun
CH179058-001 handgun
CH180239-001 handgun
CH178057-001 Haro bicycle
CH179525-001 Huffy bicycle
CH124443-001 laptop computer
CH180214-001 laptop computer
CH177586-001 Lucky Pro scooter
CH177728-001 Mongoose bicycle
CH179475-001 Mongoose mountain bicycle
CH177490-001 mountain bicycle Hyper brand
CH180113-001 Puma shoes
CH177729-002 Roadmaster bicycle
CH178148-002 Roadmaster mountain bicycle
CH178754-001 Roadmaster mountain bicycle
CH179061-001 Schwinn bicycle
CH179161-001 Schwinn mountain bicycle
CH176844-001 tablet
CH178127-001 tablet
CH174319-001 television
CH178148-001 Villotti mountain bicycle

Click HERE for a map to the Chandler Police Property Building