Do you offer volunteer opportunities?

Yes. Please see the Volunteers in Policing page for full details.

Do you offer internship opportunities?

Yes.  Internships should be beneficial to both the student and the laboratory. A forensic internship should involve a project that fulfills a laboratory need as well as allows the intern to apply knowledge and skills they’ve learned as part of their undergraduate studies.  This is oftentimes difficult for us simply due to our size, however, as new technologies, new ideas, and new methods are discussed, we do weigh the pros and cons of turning something into a project for an intern.  In addition to the Volunteers in Policing  requirements, listed below are the minimum requirements to apply for an internship in the lab:

— Major course of study in a Forensics, Biology, Criminalistics, etc.

— Undergraduate in junior/senior year.

— Internship must be part of course curriculum (and lab and professor must have regular communication).\

Currently we’re not accepting internship applications. All internship for the Forensic Services have been filled for 2024. Return to this page in 2025 for updates.

Can I do a ride-along with a Crime Scene Technician?

We do not allow ride-alongs with the forensic staff, however, there may be other opportunities within the Police Department.  Please see the Citizen Observer page for full details.


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