The Chandler Police Department's goal is to resolve all investigations in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some cases that lack evidence or witnesses inevitably remain unresolved. This content is provided to share information on cold cases in the hopes of generating new leads in the investigations.

Juvenile Victim

Report Number: 1999-23087

Suspect Sketch 99-23087

On March 27, 1999, between 7:45 and 8:15 p.m., a four year old girl was abducted from the playground area of an apartment complex at McQueen Rd. and Galveston St. in Chandler, AZ. She was taken to another apartment complex located approximately a mile from where she was abducted. Once there, she was violently sexually assaulted and left there by her abductor.

The girl although bleeding badly from her injuries was able to obtain help from residents in the second complex. The girl required major surgery to repair the physical trauma she had suffered from the sexual assault.

The investigation that followed showed that the abductor was seen leaving the first apartment complex with the girl. They were reportedly riding a red or dark colored bicycle. The investigation also found that the suspect had been seen in the playground area of the first complex on previous occasions.

The suspect was described as Spanish speaking and is believed to be a Mexican male. Witnesses described the Mexican male as being in his late teens to mid-twenties around 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing between 135 and 140 pounds. The attached computer generated photo is a composite of the suspect as described by witnesses.