Communications Section Implements RapidSOS

The Chandler Police Department’s Communications Section has added Jurisdiction View to its location identification toolbox.  Jurisdiction View is a new data and situational awareness tool designed to access critical location and additional data during an emergency. This service is available through RapidSOS’s free software application RapidSOS Portal.

RapidSOS provides accurate, real-time caller locations for 9-1-1 calls from cellular phones as well as situational and incident-specific information from connected vehicles and buildings, digital health devices, and mobile applications.  This information is immediately displayed on a satellite map inside the Department’s Communications Center.

“The most important information needed on a 9-1-1 call is location. This technology provides real-time location updates using the most accurate 9-1-1 technology. Dispatchers can see a 9-1-1 caller moving and direct officers to that caller, saving time in an emergency,” said Communications Manager Michelle Potts. 

“The Chandler Police Department is leading the way in adopting new technology to improve emergency response,” said Karin Marquez, Director of Public Safety Customer Success at RapidSOS.  “ We’re proud to work alongside the Chandler Police Department as they help us learn, develop, and iterate on new technology to provide the most informed emergency response possible.”