Chandler Woman Arrested for False Reporting

On Monday, September 23, 2019 around Midnight, Chandler patrol officers were sent to the 1100 block of North Geneva Avenue for the report of a shooting.  An unidentified female called 911 to report somebody was shot in the chest at the residence.  When officers arrived at the home, they set-up a perimeter and organized an immediate action team for entry.  Phone calls were made into the home and a loudspeaker was used for announcements, but officers received no response from inside.

Officers then heard screams from what sounded to have originated inside the home.  The decision was made to breach the front door and when officers forced entry into the home, no emergency was located.  Officers moved to a home next door to search for the alleged shooting scene and origin of the screams.  When entry was made into this residence officers contacted 39-year-old Jennifer Bryan.

No emergency was found in Bryan’s residence either.  Initially, Bryan denied any involvement in this incident but, once the Department’s dispatch center confirmed the 911 call originated from her phone, Bryan was placed under arrest. Bryan was booked into the Chandler/ Gilbert Jail on one count of False Reporting to Law Enforcement.