Victim Chases, Detains Vehicle Burglary Suspect

On July 28, 2019 around 2:00AM 27-year-old Sloane Benton was found rummaging through the inside of a vehicle parked in front of a residence in the 3600 block of South Hawthorne Way.  A homeowner discovered Benton inside his roommate’s vehicle and began to chase Benton.  The two eventually caught up to Benton, tackled him to the ground, and held Benton until police arrived.

Sloane Benton

Once police arrived and Benton was detained, officers discovered he arrived in the neighborhood in a stolen vehicle.  Benton admitted to investigators he came to Chandler to burglarize vehicles because ‘rich’ people live there.  Benton claimed he borrowed the stolen vehicle from a friend but was unaware it was stolen.

Benton was booked into the Maricopa County Jail on one count of 3rd Degree Burglary (13-1506a(2)) and one count of Theft-Control of Stolen Property (13-1802a(5)).