Department Recognizes Citizen with Valorous Conduct Award

In the early evening of July 31, 2017, a shooting occurred at the Valero gas station & convenient store located at 2955 East Riggs Road. The suspect exited the store and opened fire from the parking lot, wounding an employee who was inside.

Jeremy Douwstra was standing at one of two DVD vending machines in front of the Valero when the suspect exited the store.  Jeremy heard the suspect yell from the parking lot near the gas pumps.  Then, Jeremy saw the suspect fire rounds from a handgun toward the inside of the store.

Jeremy noticed a 12-year-old boy standing at the other DVD vending machine, which was located only a few feet from where the bullet rounds were striking the front of the Valero.  The child was frozen in fear and did not move.  Jeremy immediately grabbed the child, pulled him out of harm’s way and moved the boy behind cover.

On December 12, 2017, Jeremy and his family were invited to the Department’s Main Station for a special recognition.  Police Chief Sean Duggan presented Jeremy with a Valorous Conduct Award for his courageous actions on July 31, 2017.  The patrol officers who responded to the shooting at the Valero that night were also on-hand to thank Jeremy for his heroism under an extremely dangerous situation.