Traffic Section to Participate in Annual DUI Task Force

Members of the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Section will participate in the annual East Valley Holiday DUI Task Force, which begins on Friday, December 1, 2017.  Each night of the East Valley Holiday DUI Task Force, law enforcement agencies from the entire East Valley partner and patrol a designated geographical area with the mission to remove impaired drivers from the roadway.  Funding for the East Valley Holiday DUI Task Force is provided by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety’s DUI Abatement Council.

Throughout the 17 night event, a command post is established by the host jurisdiction for processing.  The Chandler Police Department will host the East Valley DUI Task Force on two separate evenings; December 7, 2017 and December 30, 2017.  During both evenings, the command post will be established at the Department’s Main Station Precinct located at 250 E. Chicago St.

Participating officers are specially trained in DUI detection methods, including the detection of drugs in the human body.

A high percentage of serious injury and fatal collisions involve impaired drivers.  While DUI enforcement is traditionally associated with alcohol-impaired drivers, many of today’s impaired drivers are operating vehicles under the influence of prescription or illicit drugs.  The tragic results of these collisions – aside from the significant personal and insurance costs related to property damage – include injury and death.

Please remember to always wear your seatbelt and either designate a driver or call for a ride when alcohol consumption is part of your holiday celebration.