Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween right around the bend, the Chandler Police Department would like to offer a few helpful safety tips to trick-or-treaters, parents, and motorists:


  • Make sure to bring a flashlight and cellular phone on your trick-or-treat outing
  • If the lights are out at the house, pass it up
  • Be mindful of the street names and addresses on your trick-or-treating route
  • Be careful crossing the street!


  • Accompany your child on his or her trick-or-treat outing
  • Do not allow your child to accept anything that appears inappropriate or suspicious
  • Stay inside at dusk
  • Inspect your child’s candy before they eat it (The PIO office will gladly take any suspicious Twix & Snickers off your hands)


  • Drive extra careful in neighborhoods
  • Don’t drive while wearing bulky costumes
  • Be aware; law enforcement agencies Valleywide are holding enhanced DUI patrols on Halloween night; if alcohol consumption is part of your celebration, designate a driver.