Chandler Police Implements SmartWater CSI Forensic Technology

The Chandler Police Department has partnered with SmartWater CSI and is introducing a new crime prevention technology to fight property crimes. SmartWater CSI produces a chemically-coded solution, spotted only under a special light source that is used to identify stolen property.  SmartWater CSI’s traceable liquids are not only unique and revolutionary but also widely supported by the US law enforcement community.  With millions of formulas available, much like DNA, each solution is unique.

Each vial of SmartWater is a chemically coded solution and has its own unique forensic code. This solution can be registered by the home or business owner, which is similar to having a DNA marker on each piece of property. Users will dab a portion of the SmartWater CSI solution on their items utilizing an applicator. SmartWater CSI’s forensic technology will enable the police to link stolen property back to the crime and return the items to the rightful owner.

Chandler Police is the first agency in the Southwest region to utilize SmartWater CSI. Chandler Police have obtained a federal grant which awarded 300 SmartWater kits that will be distributed to specific residents of neighborhoods that have been selected through predictive analysis and intelligence based policing. Chandler Police will also be providing a special code for all other Chandler residents interested in purchasing a SmartWater kit of their own, the morning of October 29th, 2017. This code will be available on the Chandler Police Department’s official website and social media sites.