Police Identify Homicide Suspects

On January 29, 2016, 27-year-old Aaron Yaw was shot and killed inside his residence at 256 S. Springs Dr. during a drug transaction.  Three suspects were identified; and one, 23-year-old Bayrd Goudeau, was apprehended by police the following day.  During the first few days of the investigation, the identities of the remaining two suspects were unknown.

Investigators have now identified the two remaining suspects: Aasim Hart (27) and Jamel Moodie (26).  Detectives are currently searching for both men.  These suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

The Chandler Police Department is asking for the public’s help with the apprehension of Mr. Hart and Mr. Moodie.  If you have any information regarding the wherabouts of one or both suspects, please contact the Chandler Police Department at (480) 782-4130 or Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS (948-6377).  Silent Witness is offering a reward up to $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest or indictment of these suspects.

Jamel Moodie (26)

Aasim Hart (27)