Traffic Unit Receives Grant for Alcohol Awareness

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has awarded the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Unit a $25,000 grant towards the Know Your Limit educational awareness program.  This campaign is a non-enforcement program designed to educate the public on the effects alcohol has on an individual’s blood alcohol level.

Qualified officers will provide attendees with the opportunity to blow into a portable breath tester (PBT).  These individuals will then be able to see how their alcohol consumption affects the amount of alcohol in their bloodstreams.  Officers will also provide each participant with an informational flier outlining the program.

The ultimate goal of this program is to provide alcohol awareness to individuals who have consumed alcoholic beverages and allow them to understand their level of alcohol.  This information will help individuals to make informed choices before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Officers funded by this grant are specially trained in DUI detection methods, which include the detection of illicit and prescription drugs ingested into the human body.  This grant will fund these operations through September of 2016.