Burglary Crew Arrested; Stolen Poperty Recovered

From August 2014 through November 2014, the residential areas of south Chandler were experiencing a number of burglaries. In response to those crimes, members of the Chandler Police Department’s patrol, canine, bike team, detectives, crime scene technicians and crime analysts began pooling details which developed into information that lead detectives to a group of suspects.

Search warrants were served on the suspected burglars and various locations where they frequent. As a result, over $34,000 worth of stolen property was recovered. Detectives were able to identify victims from 14 Chandler cases, five Gilbert, two Phoenix, one Peoria and two Goodyear burglaries.

We would like to remind our community members to always be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, vehicles or people in your neighborhoods. These suspects were identified after a neighbor saw a vehicle driving through the area that did not look familiar. The vehicle was driving quickly and in circles around the neighborhood as if lost. That simple tip started the momentum which lead to arrests, search warrants and recovery of precious stolen property much of it jewelry.

In order for detectives to identify property and return it to the rightful owners, detailed information had to be given to the first responding officers. Details such as serial numbers, photographs, descriptions and special markings and engravings. Engraving property with the owner’s information, such as a partial social security number or other identifying marking’s can significantly increase the chances of having that property returned if located after a theft. As a suggestion, we would recommend taking photographs and or video of all of your valuables, jewelry, electronics, bicycles, vehicles, decorations and furnishings around your home and save those images to a DVD, or flash drive. Place that item in a safe place, maybe at your work desk, locker at work, safe deposit box, or in a very secure location in your home.

If you were a victim of burglary in the south Chandler area and would like to see if we have recovered any of your stolen property, please contact Detective Thiry at 480-782-4334 or Detective Hill at 480-782-4439. Please provide the detectives with your report number along with the date and location of the burglary.