False Reporting Results in Significant Damage to Two Chandler Businesses

During the late evening of June 30, 2014 and early morning of July 1, 2014 two separate Chandler businesses fell victim to false reporting.  The first incident occurred at the Hampton Inn located at 1231 S. Spectrum Blvd. when an unidentified caller contacted an employee of the hotel and convinced her to activate the fire sprinklers.  This resulted in an undisclosed amount of damage to three floors of the hotel.

The second incident occurred at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 1060 E. Pecos Rd.  An unidentified caller convinced a restaurant employee to activate the fire suppression equipment above the fryers.  Then, the unknown suspect advised the employee he needed to vent the restaurant by breaking the pane glass doors.  The employee attempted to break the glass but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

The suspect told the McDonald’s employee the fire suppression was toxic, and he needed to vent the store immediately.

In both cases, once the employees performed the acts, the suspect advised them that they were being pranked.  The Chandler Police Department would like to remind the public that, before performing an outlandish act from a stranger, first verify that action will not result in harm to any individuals, or destruction to property.