Police Traffic Unit Receives GOHS Grants

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has awarded the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Unit with two separate grants totaling $47,681.50.  These grants will fund seat belt enforcement and equipment.

The $30,000 seat belt grant, which runs through September of 2014, funds additional enforcement of moving violations that contribute to serious injury and fatal collisions.  Officers working under this grant will conduct monthly enforcement in statistically high collision areas throughout the city.  Officers participating in this grant focus solely on traffic enforcement and are specially trained in collision investigations.

The equipment grant will enable the Department to purchase nine additional light detection and ranging (LIDAR) units.  These instruments are hand-held speed detection devices, which utilize an infrared laser.  A LIDAR unit allows the user to pinpoint the speed and distance of a potential violator vehicle accurately up to 1,000 feet away.  The equipment grant is for $17,681.50.

These grants are intended to combat two consequences of serious injury and fatal collisions:
(1) injury and loss of human life, and (2) personal and insurance costs related to property damage.

For further information, contact Detective Seth Tyler.