Police Traffic Unit Receives GOHS Grants for DUI Enforcement

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has awarded the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Unit two separate grants totaling $54,743.  These grants will fund DUI enforcement and equipment.

The $40,000 DUI enforcement grant, which runs through September of 2014, funds additional officers to focus solely on traffic enforcement associated with the detection of impaired drivers during times of the year when a higher potential for drunk or drugged driving exists.  These dates include all major holidays, Super Bowl Sunday, spring break, and prom and graduation nights.  This grant is currently funding the Department’s participation in the annual East Valley DUI Holiday Taskforce.

In addition to the enforcement grant, the Department also received $14,473 to purchase 15 additional portable breath testers and a Dräger Drug Test® 5000.  The portable breath testers and the Dräger Drug Test® 5000 are tools that enable officers to verify the psycho-physical traits of an individual they observe during their investigation in the field.  The Dräger Drug Test® 5000, which will be used for drivers suspected of drug impairment, has the potential to cut costs and reduce the time it currently takes for an officer to file criminal charges on an individual accused of drugged driving.

Officers funded by these grants are specially trained in DUI detection methods, including the detection of drugs in the human body.  The enforcement details will cover the entire city.

For further information, contact Detective Seth Tyler.