Police Traffic Unit, Crime Lab Receive GOHS Grants

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has awarded the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Unit and Crime Lab with three separate grants totaling $75,300.  These grants will fund equipment and training, which is directly utilized to aid in the enforcement, processing, and conviction of impaired drivers.  Equipment includes a LiveScan fingerprinting system, two hydrogen generators, and 15 portable breath testers.

The LiveScan fingerprinting system was installed in the Department’s DUI Mobile Processing Vehicle.  The $25,000 grant for the LiveScan will save valuable time for officers during the processing portion of a DUI arrest.

Gas chromatographs are used during the crime lab processing of seized blood.  This process determines alcohol content in the suspect’s blood at the time it was drawn.  The two hydrogen generators, purchased under a grant totaling $37,617, will produce the hydrogen needed in this process.  A grant totaling $5,300 provided funding for three crime lab personnel to attend training on chemical testing and accreditation protocol.

The addition of 15 portable breath testers will increase the supply of these devices in the field and provide the Department’s Traffic Unit with the latest technology.  This $7,375 grant will also provide patrol officers with an additional tool for DUI detection with the roll-down of the Department’s existing portable breath testers from the Traffic Unit to patrol teams.

For further information, contact Detective Seth Tyler.