Retail Theft Ring Busted

Since June 2013, detectives from the Chandler Police Department, in conjunction with personnel from Fry’s Food Stores, have been working a case involving a retail theft ring operating in Chandler and Mesa.  The suspects in this case, Maria Guzman (29), Manolia Guzman (32) and Roman Dominguez (46) have all been taken into custody for trafficking in stolen property. Maria Guzman and Manolia Guzman are also being held for ICE as they told investigators they were illegally in the United States and had purchased fake identification cards and social security cards for their use.

 The trio was involved in a fencing operation (taking in stolen goods and selling them at a discounted rate) located at a home in the 600 block of South Belleview in Mesa.  Through the course of the investigation it was determined the trio was requesting items such as Tide, Tide Pods, and Huggies diapers size 4 and 5. They requested that other products, including electronics, clothing, purses, household products, baby formula/drinks, tires, and liquor, be brought to them so they could sell the stolen items.  Thieves, knowing they could sell the products to the ”fence” would then go out to local retailers and commit large scale organized thefts and bring the stolen items back to the ”fence” where they would be sold for much less than the retail price.  It was further discovered that Manolia Guzman was also selling products from her home in the 600 block of South Hobson Street in Mesa.

 Fry’s Food Stores, working in partnership with the Chandler Police Department, supplied products, allowing undercover officers to make multiple “sales” to the fence.  Following the undercover operation, search warrants were served on the residences where the stolen products were being sold. In each case, a portion of the property that was sold during the undercover sales was recovered, along with a large amount of cash. 

 The total dollar amount lost by Fry’s Food Stores in the Chandler area is approximately $7,000.  Fry’s and other valley retailers have continued to work closely with law enforcement to combat organized retail theft.

Roman Dominguez Maria Soto-Guzman Manolia Guzman





    Roman Dominguez            Maria Soto-Guzmean           Manolia Guzman