Police Volunteers Recognized at Annual Banquet; Celebrated 20 Years of Volunteers In Policing in Chandler

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 the Chandler Police Department held its Annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet, Celebrating 20 Years of Volunteers and to honor Chandler Police Department volunteers for their service in 2012.  In 2012, the Chandler Police Department Volunteers provide 14,152 hours of service to the Department and Community. 

The Chandler Police Department and the Chandler community have benefited from the dedication and service demonstrated by the members of the Volunteers in Policing Program.  Over 685 members of our community have volunteered their time to work with us and serve as part of our organization. They have served with a sense of duty and focus that is admired and respected throughout the valley.  

 For 2012, we recognized three volunteers with a Special Recognition Award. This award is presented to volunteers who consistently exceed normal job requirements with at least one specific act of outstanding performance.  This may include a member proceeding with a pre-determined plan or program, which exemplifies the mission statement of the Chandler Police Department. Special Recognition Award recipients for 2012 were Rusty Austerman, Andrew Brill and David Riggall.  

We also recognized one volunteer with the Volunteer of the Year Award.  This award is presented to a volunteer for outstanding performance over a period of one year in achieving departmental goals and objectives through projects, programs, or situations requiring exceptional dedication. Feedback from volunteers and employees is used to recognize a volunteer for their dedication to the mission of the Chandler Police Department and the Volunteers In Policing program. This year’s Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to William Brewer.  
To honor the dedication and the hours donated over the years, CPD presents the Copper, Silver, Gold and Lifetime Achievement Awards. Volunteers received these awards based on their hours of service to the Chandler Police Department Volunteer Program. These awards are given to volunteers for total hours of service from their inception into the program.  

Bronze Recipients:  Bronze Awards are given to volunteers that have provided 1,000+ hours of service. The 2012 recipients were Rusty Austerman and Lynn Goldfeld and Tommy Gorey.

Silver Recipients:  Silver Awards are given to volunteers that have provided 2,000+ hours of service. The 2012 recipients were Robert Losey and Tommy Gorey.

Gold Recipients:  Gold Awards are given to volunteers that have provided 4,000+ hours of service. There were no 2012 recipients.  

Finally, the Life Time Achievement Award is awarded to volunteers that have provided 6,000+ hours of service and have made significant long-standing contributions to the Chandler Volunteers in Policing Program and the community we serve.  The 2012 recipient was David Schlau. Past recipients are Jack Bessler, Al Cote, Ken Hawkes, Dale Kline, Art Tucholski, and Carl White.