Police Seek Persons of Interest in Hit & Run

On August 4, 2012 around 10:00pm 26-year-old Steven Bright was walking with his brother in their south Chandler neighborhood when a white Ford quad-cab pick-up truck pulled up alongside them.  Inside were two white teenage girls throwing water balloons.  The occupants of the pick-up threw water balloons at the two brothers, and drove away. 

As the occupants drove away, Mr. Bright was struck by the vehicle and sustained significant injuries to his hand and torso.  The pick-up fled the scene with neither occupant making any attempt to render aid to Mr. Bright.  The occupants and the pick-up remain at large. 

Investigators do not know the specifics of the pick-up and do not have a license plate number for the truck.  The Chandler Police are seeking assistance from the community to help identify the vehicle and the occupants involved in this incident.  Officers are seeking information from the occupants in an attempt to accurately depict the circumstances leading to Mr. Bright’s injuries. 

If you have any information regarding the white Ford quad-cab pick-up truck, or the two white teenage girls inside the truck at the time of this incident, please call (480) 782-4130.  When doing so, reference Chandler Police report number 12-080188.  

For more information please contact Detective Seth Tyler at (480) 782-4130.