Chandler Police Conducting Death Investigation; Suspect Dies During Arrest

The Chandler Police Department is currently working a call in the 1100 block of E. Senate Circle regarding a death investigation.  Around 12:45 pm two patrol officers attempted to arrest a 41-year-old male in the front yard of a home.  The officers identified this individual through an earlier trespass investigation, and found he had a felony-caution warrant for his arrest.

 When the officers attempted to take the male into custody he placed himself in a defensive fighting position, and began actively fighting the two officers.  Officers on-scene immediately requested additional units respond to assist.  Officers also requested the Chandler Fire Department respond.  Shortly after the Fire Department response the individual became unresponsive.  Emergency life-saving measures were performed, and the individual was transported to a local hospital.  The male was pronounced deceased at 1:32 pm.

 Officers involved in this incident sustained injuries, although none of the injuries appear to be serious at this time.

The suspects name has not been released pending notification of next of kin.