Three Booked on Charges of Cockfighting

On March 4, 2012 at about 1:00PM officers responded to 119 N. Ithica Place in Chandler to reports of vehicles parked blocking the street.  When officers arrived, they found 15 to 20 people present in the back yard watching an active fight between two roosters.  In all, police located 25 roosters and three hens, all individually caged.  One rooster was dead and many others were severely wounded from prior fights.  Officers found gaffs, which are razor sharp attachments that are placed on the rooster’s legs to help inflict severe damage to its opponents. Other evidence of cockfighting was found at the residence, such as vitamin B, steroids, and antibiotics used in the treatment of injured roosters.  Three men were arrested and booked for cockfighting, a class 5 felony.  Eight others were cited and released for being present at a cockfight. 

Those arrested are: Efren Gonzales Maldonado (40 years old), Julio Cesar Lopez (44 years old) and  Daniel R. De La Vina (44 years old) all Chandler residents.






Maldonado                                   Lopez                                          De La Vina