Chandler Police Celebrates 2011 Award Recipients

The Chandler Police Department recognized the exceptional efforts of its employees during 2011 at our Annual Awards Ceremony.  Department employees gathered on the evening of March 28, 2012 to Celebrate Chandler’s Finest. 

Congratulations to the following employees and units who were honored: 

The Unit Citation award is presented to a department team or unit whose actions exemplify the mission statement of the Chandler Police Department.  

The Planning Unit, which includes Manager Randall Greeley, Tiffany Anderson, Judy Mandt, and Candace Hammond were presented this award along with the Property Crimes Unit, which includes Sergeant Keith Benjamin and Detectives Daniel Mejia, Daniel Hullings, Daniel Mellentine, Beth Hill, Zachary Scott, Wayne Thiry, and Michael West

The Field Operations Patrol Team of the Year is presented to a patrol team for excellence in the following policing areas: 

  • Beat problem identification and solution
  • Proactive actions
  • Self-initiated activity
  • Major case investigation/ resolution
  • Calls for service
  • Community service

This year Team 11, which includes Sergeant Christopher Kush and Officers Marc Olivier, Nicole Kallberg, Scott Peterson, Kevin O’Berry, David Parks, Cornathan Eckwood, Bryant Holmes, and Adam King were presented with this distinction. 

The Meritorious Service award is presented to a member of the department who consistently exceeds normal job requirements with at least one specific act of outstanding performance.  This may include a member proceeding with a pre-determined plan, program, investigation, or official act that exemplifies the mission statement of the Chandler Police Department. 

The 2011 recipients of this award include Ronald Parks, Jason Blaser, Amanda Simington, Officer Zachary Cummard, and Officer Darren Vigesaa. 

The Lifesaving Medal is presented to employees directly responsible for saving/ prolonging a human life (extended by days or weeks).  A recipient may be any department employee, on or off-duty.  

Recipients for this award include Officers Tu Le, William Walker, Robert Krautheim, Jason Alnas, Seth Tyler, Wayne Franks, Brandon Ynclan, and Bradley Carroll. 

The Community Service award is presented to an employee who displays extraordinary efforts in serving the community. 

Sergeant David Ramer is the 2011 recipient of the Community Service award. 

The Communications Employee of the Year award is presented to a member of the Communications Section in recognition of outstanding accomplishment and for facilitating the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. 

Martha Russo is the 2011 Communications Employee of the Year award recipient. 

The Employee of the Year award is presented to a civilian employee for outstanding performance over a period of one year in achieving departmental goals and objectives through projects, programs, or situations requiring exceptional dedication. 

Laura Jordan has been awarded the 2011 Employee of the Year award. 

The Officer of the Year award is presented to an officer for distinguished service in any police assignment over a period of one year’s time that is clearly exceptional and places the recipient in a position above other members of the same rank. 

Detective Wayne Thiry is the 2011 Officer of the Year.