Tips for keeping your child safe from potential threats

The Chandler Police Department would like to offer tips for parents, when speaking to their children about stranger-danger and other potential threats to their safety:

A child should never walk alone. A group of children offers safety in numbers.

If your child walks to and from school, church, or any other location on a regular basis, establish a route for your child to take. Make sure your child knows the street names of their route, and ensure they use the same route on a daily basis.

Discourage your child from using alleys, greenbelts, or less traveled roadways for getting around. Walking or riding on a well-traveled neighborhood street allows the greatest visibility.

Safety requires constant vigilance. Children should be aware of their surroundings at all times. This includes suspicious people, vehicles, or uncomfortable locations they may pass by.

Encourage your child to act on their impulse to run away if their gut feeling tells them to.

If your child finds themselves in a threatening situation, let them know it’s okay to run, yell, and attract as much attention upon themselves as possible.