Suspects Identified in Multi-State Jewelry Fraud

Beginning in October of 2009 Edward Brueggemeyer, James Whalen, Robert Polmanteer, Steven White, Daniel Marquez, and Levi Sifuentes collectively engaged in a series of fraudulent jewelry transactions across Maricopa County.  The suspects purchased large quantities of stainless steel bracelets and necklaces, stamped the jewelry with 14k, 18k and .750 identifiers, and received cash for the fake jewelry.  The transaction methods included either pawning the items, or receiving cash as scrap gold from gold licensed dealers. 

 Investigators estimate the scheme yielded the suspects $150,000 in Arizona alone and as much as $500,000 across Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and throughout the southwestern United States.  In February of 2011 Marquez and Sifuentes were arrested.  During this time Brueggemeyer was identified as the master mind with Whalen as the second-in-command.  Investigators believe the motive behind the scheme is to support the suspects’ daily methamphetamine habit.

 All in all, 38 counts of forgery, fraudulent schemes, and theft are pending against all six suspects.  Currently their whereabouts are unknown.  The Chandler Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit is the lead investigating agency for all illegal transactions throughout Maricopa County.  Detectives are working with investigators from other involved states.

 The Chandler Police Department is asking anybody with information regarding the whereabouts of the suspects, or any additional crimes, to contact us at (480) 782-4130.

 For further information, contact Detective Seth Tyler.