Safety Reminder This Holiday Season

With the start of the holiday shopping season just days away, we want to remind everyone to stay safe and avoid being a target of theft or robbery.

  • Always park in well-lit areas and keep your car keys in your hand.
  • Shop with friends and family, not alone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; don’t get caught looking down at your cell phone when you should be watching for potential dangers around you.
  • Remember, when it comes to valuables and packages, out of sight is out of mind.  Keep items in the trunk or out of view in the interior of your vehicle.
  • Don’t try to carry more than you can handle.  Being overloaded with shopping bags can make you an easy target for would be thieves.
  • Avoid confrontations with other shoppers or drivers.  Everyone is feeling a little stress, and some may overreact to a simple traffic movement or to a bad shopping experience; avoid conflict and leave the area, or call police if someone displays road rage or becomes aggressive while shopping.

 The Chandler Police Department wishes everyone a safe and crime-free