Police Make Midday Arrest in Copper Theft

CHANDLER, AZ – On Friday, June 17, 2011, just after noon, 25-year-old Sean Boskie, a Chandler resident, was wearing a ski mask as he attempted to steal cooper from a Salt River Project (SRP) truck parked in the 1200 block of North Blackstone Drive.  This vehicle had been burglarized two other times within the past month. The thief was taking copper wire, used to repair electrical lines and equipment during power outages and emergencies, off of the SRP truck.

Chandler Police Detectives and SRP have been working together to stop copper theft. These are very costly crimes, causing thousands of dollars in damage anytime copper is stolen from public areas, boxes, lights, and other locations.

The public is reminded to be vigilant in their neighborhoods. If you see suspicious persons around or attempting to access electrical boxes, enclosures, or underground wiring boxes, call the police immediately.

The Chandler Police Department is encouraging anyone with information about these types of crimes to call 480-782-4130.